According to rumors on the Internet, Alfa Romeo might produce the Coupé version of the Giulia Quadrifoglio next year!

Most of you don’t know that the Giulia Quadrifoglio is one my most favorite cars on the market right now. Especially the looks of the car is very unique and I mean look at those perfectly shaped wheels! The Italians really do put effort in making their cars a driving thpiece of art and for me this is a crucial factor to stand out of the crowd. The Germans build complex cars, the Japanese build perfect cars but sort of lack in elegance and the Americans literally build fire breathing automobiles.

The Giulia Quadrifoglio (the coupé version) that’s apparently being made right now is supposed to have around 650 hp out of a V6 Twin Turbo. Getting those power figures out of a six cylinder is outrageous! This car would be a direct competitor to the Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupé, the Audi RS5 and the BMW M4. The crazy thing about this car is the fact that even in a saloon version, it still slays every other competitor that stands in its way. Torque-wise nothing has been confirmed really but who cares when you have a 650hp rocket at your disposal.See the source image

Not only does it have more horsepower than the saloon version but it’s also going to be a hybrid. They are going to put Formula 1 technology ,that is also present in the Ferrari Laferrari, in the car so it’s sort of considered as a hypercar but it really isn’t

Would I get one if I had the money for it? Hell yes! I wouldn’t hesitate buying because I think that it’s a great value and it might one day be a collectors car.

I really hope that they are going to produce it because I see potential in that car and if the rumors are right, it would be a hell of a car to drive.

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My experience with the SL55 AMG.

While I was riding in a C63 AMG I also got the chance to ride in a SL55 AMG. The look of the car is pretty much timeless which explains why people love this car. Personally I think that it doesn’t look fast but as soon as you get in that car you immediately start smiling the moment you put your foot on the pedal. Looking inside the car you’re welcomed by a more luxurious ambiance than a sporty ambiance. There’s absolutely no carbon fiber, which for me is upsetting.See the source image

Nevertheless, the car is very special in it’s own way. By that I mean the acceleration and the driving behavior of the car. For instance when you drive over 200 Km/h you definitely don’t feel any bumps nor do you feel the speed. This can have it’s advantages but in some aspects also disadvantages. The engine is surprisingly identical to the C63 AMG but there are some small differences. One of those is the engine size (5.0 L compared to the C63 6.3 L) and the compressor that has been put to the car to create that really aggressive acceleration for the fun factor. For me, a car has to look good, be almost flawless, have interesting quirks and be fast. And I think that the SL55 AMG pretty much has all of those conditions. Producing around 500 hp thanks to that beautiful handbuilt engine and a compressor, the car used to be one of the fastest cars Mercedes-Benz and AMG have ever produced and even by todays standards it’s very fast and it also makes a lot of noise.See the source image

The feeling you get driving that car is a bit strange. You are faster than most of the cars but it doesn’t feel like you dominate the road. I know that it sounds strange but by that I mean that the power that the car produces is indeed impressive but despite being faster than the C63 AMG the car doesn’t feel as aggressive.

In the end, I think that Mercedes-Benz and AMG did a great job with designing and producing that car together and I hope they continue coming up with similar ideas.

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My thoughts and experience in the 2017 Ford Mustang.

Today I had the chance to drive in a Mustang and I know that some of you are thinking that those are dangerous, they always over-steer when coming out of a car meet and then they crash into the people and overall you should basically run away from them. Honestly the owner today changed my opinion on Mustangs completely.Image-1(4)


The car doesn’t crash the moment you drive out of a parking lot. It’s the owner who tries to be cool and while doing it they really fail at it. The car I drove in today was a convertible but it’s almost identical to the coupé version of the Mustang.

As I was a kid I used to be a big fan of Mustangs. I had a lot of posters and I even had a 500 paged book about Mustangs. I still don’t know why my passion for Mustangs slowly disappeared by the time I was 12 years old but now it came back thanks to the ride in that car.


Year: 2017

Engine: 5.0 Coyote engine (V8)

Horsepower: 421 Hp at 6500 rpm

Torque: 530 Nm at 4250 rpm

How was it?

It’s not very overwhelming and aggressive as other cars. The power comes progressively which is a good thing because sometimes it can be scary especially in wet conditions. Overall it’s a good car. The ride comfort is sublime but the dashboard isn’t that luxurious, the exhaust sounds are perfect but could be a bit louder and there’s enough space for 4 people to ride comfortably. For those who love fast cars but don’t want the inconvenience of a race car I highly suggest keeping an eye for one of those Mustangs.

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My experience with the German beast










I remember coming home from school one day and basically my mom told me that a friend of her had a fast car. At first I was a bit pessimistic since I didn’t know anything about that car. The owner apparently wanted me to go for a ride with him so that I could experience that car. The first time I saw the car in real life I was a bit disappointed because it looked like a normal Mercedes-Benz.  The moment he turned on the car everything changed… It wasn’t just a Mercedes-Benz, it was a Mercedes-AMG. Those cars are literally monsters. Their overwhelming power and that German V8 sound is very unique.


  • Year: 2009
  • Engine: 6.3L M156
  • Horsepower: 460 Hp at 6800 rpm (it has been modified a bit with a complete new exhaust system)
  • Peak torque: +-600 Nm at 5000 rpm

How was it?

There’s nothing like it. The way the car builds up the power and how it translates the power on the tarmac is really impressive. Especially for a car that is naturally aspirated.

But the thing I really like about that car is the fact that you feel completely different the moment you step in the car. You feel like you dominate the road with that beautiful chassis and that roaring V8. To be honest I can see myself buying that exact car one day and drive the hell out of it. The main goal of that car wasn’t just to be fast and to sound good at the same time, it can also handle very well. It is very accurate when it comes to turning and it also loves to over-steer on your demand.


I am really thankful for having the opportunity to see it in person and to witness it dance in the curves. Unfortunately, due to pollution reasons, the engines are getting smaller and smaller which also means that the sound isn’t as impressive as it used to be. But in the end, AMG really build a German masterpiece that won’t be forgotten.



What is the main reason for starting PassionOn4Wheels and what are my plans for now?image1(1)

NOTE: Thanks to Frank for that picture. Go check his instagram: On the 29th of April, I have decided to open up my own blog basically talking about cars. Personally I think that my vision for cars is really special and to be honest I would love to share my vision with other people. The main reason behind this blog is to make an impact in the Luxembourgish automotive scene. I would love to share my passion with others in a way they have never seen before. Those four-wheeled creatures are special and for now I’ll be talking about my experience with different cars. And maybe one day I get to build up a little group of car fanatics. Since it’s my first time opening up a blog, comments on how to improve or what topics to talk about are prefered.